Contemporary thought affirms the existence of four fundamental colours in the spectrum: Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow. All other hues employed in paint and decor are but permutations of these four, even including black and white, which are not typically regarded as colours.

Our Colour Wheel, while comprising a mere twelve colours, offers an infinitude of tints and tones, enabling an endless spectrum of shades. Each colour corresponds to a distinct perception, and its application can profoundly impact one’s mood and behaviour. Thus, the selection of colour in decor is predicated upon the character of the space in question.



Hue, in particular, conveys a wide variety of colours, including primary, secondary, and tertiary hues.
Colour in the Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) system comprises three dimensions: hue, saturation, and brightness. These characteristics primarily pertain to the coloration of individual pixels on a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) display.

The full spectrum of colours can be designated through their respective hue, saturation, and brightness values, much like colours can be portrayed using the R, G, and B components.

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