Color Theory

Colour embodies a language of its own, imparting a sense of satisfaction that few other elements can match. It conveys your personal narrative. It communicates volumes about your identity, mood, and aspirations. At JKMaxx Paints, we offer our expertise to help you create a seamless amalgam of hues that align with your vision.


Choosing the right colours and their placement is a pivotal design decision for your abode. The colours you select and their application reflect your personality and style, making a powerful impression on your home’s ambiance. Its impact on our emotional and behavioural states is profound. The shades you choose to adorn your walls with is not a mere matter of aesthetics but rather a tool to influence your well-being and frame of mind.




Pairing vibrant colours with ample negative space can heighten their vibrancy, while shades inspired by technological innovation add a whimsical touch to natural textures and wrought iron. It is why JKMaxx Paints has formulated shades that unite singular accent pieces with mass-produced items throughout your home, generating a harmonious and captivating aesthetic and creating a truly bespoke living environment.


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